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My name is Joe. I am a recent college graduate out of Florida State University but was born and raised in New York. During the course of my academic career I have traveled to 16 different countries and have accrued nearly 24 months of work experience with various companies in the tech industry. Communication, efficiency, customer service and the importance in quality are all values I have preached throughout my time as an employee and as a director.


Soundoff Graphics is my own company that dates back to my interest in music and design in 2009. I started my designing flyers and album covers to promote my own DJ events (Dj Soundoff) and also my client’s music production that I had mixed. I quickly found a passion in high quality, detail oriented design through my daily analysis. Currently, I do freelance work for various companies, individuals, and start up businesses.


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All of my design is accomplished through the use of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have been using these platforms for about 10 years now and have self taught myself and learned through experimentation and hundreds of projects.