Agent Austin

Life may have started at a trailer park in Hickory, North Carolina, but my mind was set on New York City.

My Mother got me involved in Real Estate when I was 8. It was her first real home purchase besides our trailer and I will never forget the magnitude of emotions she had. It wasn’t easy for her. As a single mother, she worked endless hours to support my Brother and I so we could have our own bedroom instead of a couch. Even after all of this, she still found time to sit with us at the end of the night and look through lists of apartments after our homework was done. It was our point of connection, like reading a bed time book before bed, but with Real Estate. After analyzing each one carefully, we learned the process of a sale and most importantly – how to know if her hard earned money would be best spent. Together, we saw something no one else did. A piece of land that was mysteriously bought by an LLC right down the street from the home we liked in Troy, NY. Little did we know that this tiny home would make the biggest impact.  Remember that land bought by the LLC? Well, it turns out that it would be used to build one of the most state of the art hospitals in Upstate, NY. Not long after, new development came rolling in and the price of our home surged.  We waited, and a few years later when the hospital was built, we learned to sell the home ourselves and in return, it became the best deal of our lives.

Because of this, we could afford school and as of June 3rd, 2017 – I will be walking across the stage as the first one to graduate in my family with a degree in Economics & Politics at Baruch College. School was my access point to pursue my love for Real Estate and eventually, I was lucky enough to grab an internship at the Luis D. Ortiz team, known for its role on Million Dollar Listings NY featured on Bravo TV. After doing all I could, I was offered a full-time role with Douglas Elliman, becoming one of the youngest independent agents ever at the firm’s history.